Elegant and Easy to Clean: Silverware in the 21 st Century

I am often asked, “why do you think it is worthwhile to purchase silverware and cutlery today?” For me, the answer is clear; our silverware view here is dishwasher friendly. 

Washing traditional silverware in a dishwasher used to be damaging to the items, as salts in the dishwasher could potentially destroy the outer layer of dishes and cutlery. Furthermore, the heat of dishwashers had the ability to destroy the handles of silver knives and forks due to pressure , which could often lead to the handles blowing off completely. However, today,  as a result of  ingenious design by Italian silver makers, modern silverware is built to protect the outer layers from salt-based erosion. 

Additionally, modern silver has been designed to withstand any temperature, so that the concerns of the past are no longer an issue. Now that cleaning silver is easier to do, , using beautiful high quality silverware not only adds an elegant touch to any meal, but is also an excellent gift which can be passed down from  generation to generation.  Silver never loses its value and can be used for centuries without showing wear or tear.