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Silver Judaica by Zion Hadad

Zion Hadad is one of Israel’s top silver Judaica designers and producers with decades of experience in the field. Zion Hadad’s silver Judaica gallery, Piece, offers familiar traditional and modern Judaica products and tableware, such as menorahs, kiddush cups, mezuzahs, and much more. These can be viewed here on our website. However, what truly drives Zion is to provide his clients and friends with items that are unique and dear to them.


Silver Judaica

“Every customer receives a guarantee of lifetime service."


Like Father, Like Son: The Hadad Story

Zion Hadad began working with silver over 45 years ago as a young boy in his father’s silver mending shop. Zion went on to establish the Hadad Brothers Silver and Judaica Store in the 1970s. Fifteen years ago, Zion branched out on his own to create a boutique gallery that not only sells standard silver Judaica but also focuses on creating personalized items for his customers from around the world. Over the years, Zion has specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing some of the world’s most exclusive and luxury Judaica, including Torah Scrolls, Menorahs, Mezuzahs, Kiddush Cups, Candlesticks, and a variety of unique products that are personal to the individual who requests them.


Zion Hadad’s silver

Zion and his father, Shalom Hadad


Located in the famous Hilton Tel Aviv hotel on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Zion’s store has become a hub for customers from around the world, for those who seek traditional Judaica, as well as attracting those who search for luxury Judaica, personalized products, and other unique items. Zion’s long rapport with some of the world’s finest artists ensures that each customer who comes to the store can design, order, and purchase an item that is exclusive to them.
Customers regale stories of Zion’s tireless efforts to go above and beyond their every request. Take, for example, one of Zion’s good friends, an Iraqi Jew, who desired a silver wine dispenser yet did not want to give up on using the Kiddush Cup he had received personally from the famous Rabbi Kaduri.

Upon hearing this, Zion surprised his good friend by designing and creating a one-of-a-kind wine dispenser that not only suited his precious Kiddush cup but was made with the exact same design as the original cup. Another example is when he engraved Kiddush cups with the name of each family member to ensure that each child received their own Kiddush cup from their parents. He also searched throughout Florida to find the perfect cloth to make a chuppah. For Zion, what is important is not only that his customers enjoy beautiful silver Judaica but that they acquire personalized items that match their every need and taste.
For Zion, knowing that people from around the world are using the Kiddush Cup, Menorah, or Tefillin set that he created for them is what makes the selling of Judaica more than just a business.

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