Silver and Judaica- A Natural Combination?

No Shabbat or Holiday meal is complete without silver Judaica. For thousands of years Jews around the world have used silver Kiddush cups, Menorahs, candlesticks and more. But why? Why has silver become such a staple of daily Jewish life? 

There are two very simple explanations why silver has come to play a central role in Judaism. First, and foremost, due to its material.  Silver items have the ability to last and remain usable for many years. This means that silver Kiddush cups and candlesticks can be passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years, for a family to enjoy. The sentimental value of silver items, combined with the simplicity and regal beauty of silver, adds a feeling of awe to those who have the privilege of lighting Menorah’s  received from great grandparents. Secondly, silver has a strong monetary value that does not depreciate. Silver items can be viewed as a long term investment. When a silver item is one that is mass-produced, the silver itself is a commodity. However, if an item is unique then it can be sold at auctions, as a way of earning money.  Unique items continue to grow in value, especially nowadays when the silver market is already expensive. So, buying a unique silver item today is an investment in the future, both for sentimental and financial purposes.  

Thus, for many people the combination of sentimental value and financial benefit, makes silver the perfect material for Judaica, no matter the item.