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Article: Benefits of Buying a Fancy Wine Fountain

Benefits of Buying a Fancy Wine Fountain

Wine fountains are perfect for gathering the family around a beautiful shabbat or yom tov table for kiddush. with a proper kosher Kiddush wine, especially bought for Shabbat or one of the three Regalim (Sukot, Shavuot, Passover), these aristocratic sterling silver wine fountains upgrade shabbat tables across the world and give you a memorable time with your loved ones. They are not just a reminder of our tradition, tasting the kiddush wine from the same Kiddush glass but also help maintain the customs with a practicality and high hygienic approach.

piece, a brand specializing in these elite kiddush wine fountain sets, is set to give a lavish twist to your l'chaims. Since Jews began using kiddush cups, sterling silver kiddush cups became mostly popular as they are passed on from generation to generation. Silver is known to be purer than other metals because it does not rust. This is a perfect gift for a Jewish wedding or special celebrations. engraving family member’s names or words of blessing, endless designs.

If you want to dive deeper and understand why investing in a classic wine fountain is worthwhile, even today, the benefits are very straight forward :
- The sterling silver wine fountain is super elegant and Royal
- It's an amazing art piece Judaica item
- Sterling silver grows in value especially as a nostalgic childhood memory brought down to generations to come.
- Clean, classy and hygenic
- The Table’s centerpiece

In Judaism, Shabbat or Shabbos meals hold a huge significance as they commemorate God's resting period on the seventh day after creating the world.(Yom Hashishi vayechulu Hashamayim etc…) Thus every time, Shabbat meals create an opportunity to connect with God and family and also to your internal soul. the custom was and still is to pour the wine into the kiddush glass and let it overflow to mark the abundance and blessing (Shefa) of Shabbat. Here you double the blessing as the a wine fountain makes it easier to let everyone have their Kiddush cup overflow and receive all the sgulot possible in a shabbat or yom tov meal.

Adds Grandeur to Your Dining Area

This aristocratic and classy sterling silver wine fountain makes your dining area shine for a special occasion. They enhance the aesthetics and offer functionality to enjoy kiddush without the mess. You can also get these beautiful kiddush wine fountain sets in gold plating, rich stones, carving, and handwork to uplift your dining experience. They are generally the main attraction of a Shabbat meal.

Helps Maintain Hygiene

Sharing an amazing tradition of drinking from the same kiddush cup, on the other hand to some people it may be discomforting. Furthermore if the kiddush cup is spilling wine it could get a bit messy, by making the table cloth dirty which could make someone feel uneasy. To avoid this situation, we brought you these beautiful wine fountains. But, with these sacred sterling silver wine fountains, it becomes easier to celebrate the whole ceremony with upkeeping high levels of hygiene and tidiness.

Elevates the Festive Vibe

These sterling silver wine fountains offer a lovely sight when the wine is poured into the main cup, and with multiple outlets, it flows out to the smaller cups. It reminds us that we drink from the same cup and must always thank God for bestowing His mercy. It is indeed fun to celebrate and retain these deep customs with the help of these modern wine fountains.
piece excels in offering a huge range of beautiful and regal wine fountains that are handcrafted and are meant to create a good time with your loved ones. You can give them as a gift or use them for personal ceremonies at home. You can visit our store and choose the one that fits your table and family needs .

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