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Article: Mah Nishtanah

Mah Nishtanah

The past couple of years have dramatically changed so many of our routines, our family lives, our businesses. Here's our list of Mah Nishtanah, based on the traditional Four Questions asked at the Seder. Literally, the words mean “What’s Different”.

Customers’ “Four Questions” About What’s Changed Over COVID:

  1. How did you handle the restrictions of tourism and walk-in customers?
    With a lull in walk-in traffic, we went virtual! We created our stunning website (, offering images of a wide selection of our products – unique, exclusive, restoration, and latest additions. Professional, hi-res photos and descriptions offer a virtual tour of our store, and you can make your purchase on the spot… so come on in!
  2. Did you simply “hibernate” when the store had to close?
    Not at all… Like all hotels in Israel, the Hilton (our home) was closed for an extended period. We took advantage of the closure to work more closely with our Italian and Israeli artists to design new products, exclusive to our store. Many sold similar knives, cups and bread boards to their non-Jewish clients, but now they’ve discovered Havdalah, tefillin and etrog boxes, and many other symbolic Judaica projects they are producing under our guidance, exclusively for us.
  3. Has there been an impact on products?
    Our kiddush wine fountains have never been so popular! When each person has an individual cup, it eliminates the need to pass around one cup and share the wine… and the COVID! Watching the tiny streams was always entertaining to watch, but now it offers a new health  benefit! Each fountain has its own style, so check them out!
  4. Did you embrace remote communications?
    We quickly learned to work by remote: A client in Miami needed an extensive collection of products for a Bar Mitzvah and Torah dedication – Torah cover and accessories, tefillin boxes, a tallit, poles for the Chupah, and a long list of other silver Judaica – all coordinated and matched in a single style. What was amazing was that we manager the entire project by email, and teleconference, using online tools methods where designs and images could be shared throughout the process.  The final products shipped to Florida for the event. We had never needed to work like this before, and found it surprisingly simple!

As we all hope that Corona is behind us, it’s nice to know that from the darkness comes light…

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Passover, and we look forward to seeing you in person in Tel Aviv… or online!

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