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Article: All You Need To Know About Mezuzah

All You Need To Know About Mezuzah

Q:- I’m just learning about mitzvah Mezuzah. My question is if my wife bought a mezuzah what makes it kosher and what makes it Mehadrin?

A: Yashar Koach, Ashreichem first of all for installing Mezuzah at your home and doorposts, such an important Mitzvah.
First of All I would like to clear things up, there are large amounts of non kosher mezuzah cards sold for 20$ and up which are printed mezuzah on paper and are not kosher whatsoever. A kosher Mezuzah is first and foremost written by a Talmid Chacham and a trained Sofer Stam.

A Mezuzah Parchment (Klaf - scroll) must be written on the parchment of a kosher animal
The parchment must be prepared explicitly intentionally for the use as a sacred Mezuzah. The words must be handwritten by an expert scribe well-versed (Sofer Stam) in the intricacies of the script and its laws. Even the ink and quill are custom made to meet the necessary requirements. This is first and foremost Kosher.

Q:- What makes a Mezuzah Scroll Mehadrin (in other words An upgraded version of a kosher Mezuzah)?

A: The first and most crucial is who is the Sofer Stam (writer) and the man behind the job, How sacred he is. He must dip in a mikveh everyday and is known in his community to be a righteous Jew who can be trusted to write Mehadrin Mezuzot. The time consuming letter writings are not mass produced and are produced at a boutique quantity.

BTW: I only sell Kosher Mehadrin Mezuzah just as I put on my home doorposts.

Q: Where do I mount the Mezuzah?
(uchtavtem Al Mezuzot Beitecha uvisharecha)

A Mezuzah needs to be attached on the upper third part of the doorpost.
The Beit Mezuzah or Mezuzah case can be made from any material for example you can press here one my mezuzah collection to see my private collection of Mehadrin Mezuzah Parchment (Scrolls- Klaf) and Mezuzah Cases.

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