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Kosher L'Mehadrin Mezuzahs

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We provide strictly kosher mezuzahs of all sizes at the highest levels of writing, written by Sofer Stam Torah and mitzvot observant.

A Klaf Mezuzah:

A Mezuzah contains a parchment called "Klaf". On it, is written the Shema prayer, by a skilled Jewish scribe known as a Sofer Stam. The Mezuzah itself symbolizes God's constant protection over us. Within the realm of Jewish heritage, the practice of Sofrey Stam includes various enhancements or upgrades known as Hidurim. These enhancements are made by highly trained halachic experts who specialize in writing Torah scrolls, Mezuzot, and other sacred writings such as Tefillin, ensuring the preservation of Divrey Kodesh (holy words) for generations. The multicultural minhagim (traditions within Jews) are endless and infinite.


Parchment for mezuzah.
Written by Sofer Stam.
Size: 7 \ 10 \ 12 \ 15 \ 20 \ 25 \ 30 \ 50 cm

Kosher L'mehadrin Mezuzah - Piece By Zion Hadad
Kosher L'Mehadrin Mezuzahs Sale price$145