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Article: Restoration and repurpose

Restoration and repurpose

Since the dawn of time, silver has been valuable. As early back as Sefer Bamidbar, the standard of silver as a valuable currency was determined, with silver items so popular that until today the modern Hebrew word for money literally translates to ‘silver’. However, often people find themselves with silver pieces that have fallen out of use and repair, which sit in the back of their closets gathering dust. 

Here at 'Piece', we offer a variety of solutions of how to receive maximum value for silver which has long ago been left aside and has blackened. 



First and foremost, don't get rid of an old silver item simply because it has blackened. While difficult, these pieces, when handled carefully by a professional, can be cleaned to look brand new. Items that are precious should not be departed from just because they are a bit old and dirty. 

Contact us and we can help you in restoring these old items to their former glory. 



We also give a unique solution of what to do with old silver items.  We offer our customers the ability to repurpose the silver to create brand new pieces. Rather than selling unused silver pieces, we can take the material and construct something that suits your needs and desires. For example, instead of selling your grandmother's old candlesticks, we can help you take the silver and create brand new and modern candlesticks, which will still have the sentimental and familial value. 

Reach out here and consult with us as to  what can be done to repurpose your old silver into something that you and future generations will use and cherish. 



If you feel that your old silver items are gathering dust on your shelf and you wish to depart with them, we at 'Piece' are constantly seeking to purchase old silver to repurpose. It is important to stress that as we seek to create high-quality items from recycled silver, we offer a top price and full value for any items you wish to sell. Furthermore, as this is a direct transaction, there is no need for brokerage fees. 

Contact us and we can schedule an appointment to review the silver items which you sell. 

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