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Article: It's Time to Refresh Your Hanukkah Essentials

It's Time to Refresh Your Hanukkah Essentials

It’s hard to imagine Hanukkah without the menorah. It’s the staple of any holiday celebration. With so many types out there, it can be challenging to decide which kind you want–you can go traditional, ornate, or hand-crafted–but what if you could have all three? At House of Silver & Judaica located in Tel Aviv, our silver collection strikes a perfect balance between traditional yet modern, handmade yet elegant. 

Besides the menorah, there are so many other ways to get creative and decorative. If you’re looking for Hanukkah decor ideas and Hanukkah products you could use to spruce up your house, House of Silver & Judaica is here to inspire ideas. What’s great about the menorah is that when you light it at night, there’s often a great story that accompanies the lighting. Gather around the lights this year at Hanukkah and tell your story surrounded by beautiful silver pieces that add a new shine to your celebration. 

Here are a few suggestions to add to your new Hanukkah collection.

1. Menorah

The menorah is the staple of Hanukkah. It can make or break your decor. Whether you’re going for a modern look, a traditional look, or just a simple, classic, clean design, there is a Hanukkah menorah for sale and out there for you. We have several takes on the menorah to appeal to different sects and variations of how you celebrate. For example, we feature the Malachite Hanukkah Menorah as well as the Gali Asher Hanukkah Menorah to add that extra touch of power and grace to a sterling silver piece. All of our menorahs are sterling silver and made in Italy or in Israel, so you can trust it’s in good condition and will last you for many Hanukkahs to come. Even better? All of our menorahs can use oil or candles. Choose how you want to celebrate!


2. Hanukkah Candles

Hanukkah Candles are a must for any menorah and should be considered in the look and style of your setup. There are so many options out there for candle types–colorful ones, blue and white ones, and plain white, among others. With so many options, we’ve come a long way from the short, solid colors of the past. Each night light the candles in the menorah and let them serve as a decorative accent to your table. 


3. Table Accessories

Table accessories are necessary for any traditional Hanukkah setup. You’ll need the menorah, the candles, and the drip tray to start. At House of Silver & Judaica, our table accessories are made to support any Hanukkah setup with bowls, vases, trays, and coffee and tea sets. After you light the candles, you can all gather around to play dreidel, eat latkes and enjoy some coffee and tea from delightful sterling silver pitchers, handcrafted and designed for pure elegant enjoyment. Your table accessories will help clean up any extra mess, hold any food or drink you might want to share with guests and serve as a great extra piece of Hanukkah decor. Who knows, your pitcher could be the centerpiece of the table. 


4. Traditional candles

If you’re looking for the right candles, you’re probably looking for candlesticks next. With festive, classy, and traditional candle holders–our selection has a wide range that can appease any taste and style. The great thing about our Hanukkah candlesticks is that they can be used again and again year-round for dinner parties, romantic date nights, and just simply to celebrate Shabbat and other holidays. 

Choosing the right Hanukkah decorations

The right Hanukkah decorations are closer than you think. Consider House of Silver & Judaica for premier silver, hand-crafted, and elegant pieces that elevate your Hanukkah to pure bliss. Start early and get your items before the eight days come and go. 

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