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Unique Items | Piece Silver Crafting By Zion Hadad

Unique Items

There are certain items that simply make you stop and stare: To appreciate their craftsmanship, the artisan’s imagination, and the magic way that the design of the silver or other material elevates the spirit.

Most of our items are available for customization and engravings.

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Silver Challah Cover Tray - Piece By Zion Hadad
Silver Challah Cover Tray Sale price$1,610
King David's Harp - Piece By Zion HadadKing David's Harp A - Piece By Zion Hadad
King David's Harp Sale price$32,400
Braided Silver Shabbat Candlesticks - Piece By Zion HadadBraided Silver Shabbat Candlesticks A - Piece By Zion Hadad
Frid Silver Kiddush Fountain - Piece By Zion HadadFrid Silver Kiddush Fountain A - Piece By Zion Hadad