Functional and Elegant: Why You Should Use A Kiddush Wine Fountain

Wine fountains have a dual-use. They add a feel of aristocracy and beauty to a Shabbat meal and at the same time, they are functional for upkeeping high levels of hygiene. The idea for a wine fountain was born from the tradition of passing around Kiddush wine during a Shabbat meal. While with close family, hosts tend to give their personal cup to drink from, it can be uncomfortable to pass a personal cup to guests or friends to drink. It certainly is not ideal for those who host large meals to have everyone drink from the same cup, leading to unpleasant and unhygienic situations. 

In order to solve this problem, little matching cups were created for the host to pour directly from his kiddush cup into smaller cups to be passed around the table. However, due to the size difference, wine would often spill onto nice Shabbat tablecloths and on clothing. Thus, the kiddush fountain was invented to provide a hygienic and easy to use solution to this problem. 

Aside from their functionality, wine fountains are also a magnificent centerpiece that crowns any Shabbat or Holiday meal. Our silver kiddush fountains are artfully crafted and designed to fit all tastes and styles. Easy to use and clean, the fountains can also be customized for each use to fit the exact number of guests attending a meal. 

From customized wine fountains that can feature the names of family members engraved on each miniature cup, to standard kiddush dispensers, I invite you to browse our wonderful Kiddush fountains here and encourage you to add these wonderful pieces to beautify your next Shabbat meal.